I have been racing boats since 1961. Even before I started racing, I built a small 8' hydro. I can remember being frustrated trying to find the proper materials to build the boat. In the late '60s I was fortunate to live near the shop in Eugene Oregon where Joe Price was working and was able to work with him and learn most of what I know about designing and building race boats. Since 1980 I have been located in Chowchilla California and opened Sorensen Woodcraft specializing in race boat kits and custom built boats. In 2000 the line of kits was expanded to include some of the best utility runabouts from the '50s to meet the needs of the outboard motor collector. Also in 2009 after restoring a Windmill class sailboat, racing sailboats have been added. 

Remembering my frustrations on finding supplies for my very first boat I offer all the materials that are need to build your race boat. This includes: plywood, sitka spruce, epoxy, fasteners, racing hardware and Yamato outboard racing motors. Sorensen boats & kits hold over 50 A.P.B.A and U. I. M. records, more than any other boat manufacturer, also numerous national championships and high point championships. This assures that the kit you order is of the best design and quality available.

                                                                                                Darrell Sorensen  

                                                                                                C Stock Runabout 4-C

                                                                                                Windmill Class 821


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